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Meeting Recap: Fiscal Court considers zoning change

Daviess County Fiscal Court will consider whether to amend a zoning classification for 2116 Daniels Lane.

On February 11th, the Owensboro Metropolitan Planning Commission (OMPC) voted 7-2 in favor of the zoning change, from R-1A Single Family Residential to R-3MF Multi-Family Residential.

The applicants, 5five Financial, LLC (Chase Kelley) and James A. Coomes, are looking to construct a multi-family residential development on the nine-acre property near Hayden Road.

OMPC approved their application with several conditions:

  1. Approval of Final Development Plan
  2. Access complies with Access Management Manual
  3. Orientation to Hayden Road or Daniels Lane, and/or the interior of the development, away from adjoining residences to the north or the west
  4. Lighting directed towards development and away from adjoining residences
  5. Traffic Study when development reaches 140 units and before final approval.

Following the approval, several requests were filed with the planning office for Fiscal Court to consider the rezoning.  Video of the hearing can be found below.

Fiscal Court will decide on the zoning classification at the next meeting on April 15.

Free Tire Disposal Event

Daviess County Fiscal Court and the Kentucky Division of Waste Management will sponsor a free tire disposal event.  It’s set for Thursday, July 15th through Saturday, July 17th at a site to be determined.

“In the past, the Transportation Cabinet has agreed to host this event at the highway garage on Fairview Drive,” explained David Smith, Director of Legislative Services.  “That is no longer the case.”

“We have to find our own site and staff it,” he added.  “But we do feel this is a huge benefit to our community to have a waste tire day.”

Smith said the County is negotiating with another site that will still be convenient for residents to dispose of old tires.  An update will be provided in the coming weeks.

All tires will be accepted, including farm implement, bicycle, motorcycle, go-cart, ATV, tractor, truck & passenger.  Workers cannot accept off-road construction tires, tracks or solid tires.

Contained Landfill Expansion

Fiscal Court approved a quality control contract for the next expansion of the contained landfill.

“It was about four or five years ago when we finished the 10-acre expansion of the contained landfill,” Smith said.  “We still have quite a bit of room to go.  However, the manager out at the landfill plans on retiring in the next couple of years.”

The Solid Waste Manager, Robbie Hocker, has extensive experience.  In fact, he’s overseen every cell construction project since the landfill opened.

“Building the cell in house saves us $2 million,” Smith explained.  “He (Robbie) said he would feel comfortable completing this before he left, so the next person coming in wouldn’t have to deal with it for a while.”

The 16.6-acre expansion will likely add 15 years onto the life of the contained landfill.  Dirt work will begin later this year, as the cell construction is a two-year process.

Other News

Fiscal Court approved a Memorandum of Agreement with the City of Owensboro and the Daviess County Public Schools’ Special Law Enforcement Agency.  It will give the agency access to the City-County 911 Operations Talk Group.

The County is moving forward with design work for new restrooms at Horse Fork Creek Park.  The restrooms will be located near the park entrance by the splash pad.  Once the design work is complete, the project will be placed out for bid, with the results expected by the end of May.

Commissioners approved a contract for design work at the Daviess County Gun Club.  An equipment shelter will be added to the shooting sports complex in Maceo.

The Court awarded bids for two tandem dump trucks and a compost turner from the landfill, which had been declared a surplus item.

Judge-Executive Al Mattingly proclaimed April as Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month and recognized National Arbor Day.


Terry Bartlett will move to the Grimes Avenue Transfer Station, as a truck driver.

Brett Baker will be a seasonal worker at Yellow Creek Park, upon successful completion of pre-employment screening.

Gary Adams and Wesley Acton have been reappointed to the Greenwood Cemetery Advisory Committee for terms of April 19, 2021 – April 19, 2024.

Charlie Mackey and Bill Duncan have been reappointed to the Parks Board for terms of April 1, 2021 – April 1, 2025.

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