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Property Maintenance

What is a nuisance complaint/violation?

Chapter 93 of the County Code of Ordinances prevents property owners from having any of the following conditions on their property:

  • Grass and/or weeds 10 inches or more in height.
  • The accumulation of trash and debris located in the yard.
  • Furniture and appliances designed for indoor use, but located outside.
  • Any inoperable and/or unlicensed vehicle (car, truck, etc.).

There are a number of ordinances that provide relief to certain circumstances (i.e. property zoned as agricultural, licensed businesses, etc.).  Please refer to Chapter 93 of the Code of Ordinances for full details and/or contact us at 270-229-4484 for assistance.

Outline of Code Enforcement Process

Most property maintenance/general nuisance complaints are called in by a concerned citizen. The complaint is then investigated to verify whether an actual violation exists. In some instances, other violations are noted as the inspector is out in the field. Whether a complaint is received from the public or the violation is noted by an inspector, the process of enforcement is the same.

Once a violation has been noted, the property owner of record is notified and given a reasonable period of time to voluntarily comply with the corrective action.

A follow-up inspection is performed to determine whether the violation was corrected
Although it is our goal to encourage voluntary compliance to correct such violations, if compliance has not been achieved, the inspector has several options in which to proceed depending on the severity of the situation

Daviess County Property Maintenance Board of Appeals
Property owners have the right to file an appeal on property maintenance decisions within 20 days of the initial violation notice. Appeals to the Board are filed with the County Judge/ Executive and placed on the agenda and a hearing scheduled.

County Ordinances: Chapter 93

Register a Property Maintenance Complaint

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