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Volunteer Fire Departments

In 1974, construction began on ten new Volunteer Fire Stations. Additional fire apparatuses were ordered and the first Fire Insurance rating was secured exactly one year later. Over the next four years, ten new Fire Stations had been built, twenty-four new fire apparatuses were delivered, over five hundred radio monitors were purchased and four hundred and fifty Volunteer Firefighters were trained.

Knottsville Fire Department 9436 Highway 144, Knottsville, KY
Masonville Fire Department 2 10344 Highway 231, Masonville, KY
Masonville Fire Department 1 6551 Highway 231, Masonville, KY
Moseleyville Volunteer Fire Department 3741 Ashbyburg Road, Moselelyville, KY
Sorgho Volunteer Fire Department 6724 Highway 56, Owensboro, KY
Stanley Volunteer Fire Department 159 Highway 1554, Stanley, KY
St. Joseph Volunteer Fire Department 11011 St. Joseph Lane, Owensboro, KY
Thruston-Philpot Volunteer Fire Department 1 2592 Reid Road, Thruston, KY
Thruston-Philpot Volunteer Fire Department 2 4215 Highway 142, Thruston, KY
Utica Volunteer Fire Department 146 Highway 140, Utica, KY
Whitesville Volunteer Fire Department 10291 Highway 54, Whitesville, KY
Yelvington Volunteer Fire Department 1124 Yelvington-Knottsville Road, Yelvington, KY


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