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Declaration of Emergency

The County Judge/Executive has the power to issue a Declaration of Local State of Emergency. This only allows the County and cities to recuperate unbudgeted and unforeseen cleanup costs that occur in the wake of an emergency. There are several misconceptions about this declaration however.

The following are not a result of the Judge/Executive declaring a State of Emergency:

Everyone gets a day off work Some businesses have a policy to where they close during a State of Emergency – this is largely misconstrued to be law, though it has no real connection. Most businesses/organizations will evaluate conditions individually.
All roads are closed It is generally thought that all the roads are closed whenever a State of Emergency is declared – this is simply not the case. The declaration is a financial mechanism to insulate counties against unforeseen expenses related to weather/disasters.
You can’t leave your home The declaration of a State of Emergency does not (in and of itself) keep you from leaving your home. Unless a ban or something similar follows the declaration, it is unrelated to the immediate danger, or lack thereof, outside your home.

Should you have any questions related to the State of Emergency, please contact the EMA front desk @ 270-685-8448.

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