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Current Weather Advisories

Daviess County experiences diverse weather patterns throughout the year. You should be aware of the types of weather that affect Daviess County, the different advisories that precede hazardous weather, and the preparations to take for severe conditions. While we can’t prevent severe weather, there are steps you can take to stay safe.

Severe weather knows no boundaries and affects every individual in every region of Kentucky. Because of this, we are asking you to BE AWARE – BE PREPARED – HAVE A PLAN!

BE AWARE: “Knowing your risk, taking action and being an example are just a few steps you can take to be better prepared and assist in saving lives.

BE PREPARED: “Preparedness means understanding that disasters can happen without notice, and taking necessary measures in advance is the simplest way to care for yourself and members of your family when severe  weather strikes.

HAVE A PLAN: “Know your risks and have a plan in place. “Preparedness starts at home. It starts with being aware of conditions and situations that threaten you and your family’s safety and then taking appropriate steps to mitigate those risks.”

KNOW YOUR RISK: The first step to becoming weather-ready is to understand the type of hazardous weather that can affect where you live and work, and how the weather could impact you and your family. Check the weather forecast regularly, get a NOAA Weather Radio, and sign up for localized alerts from emergency management officials. Severe weather comes in many forms and your shelter plan should include all types of local hazards.

TAKE ACTION:  Take steps to making sure that you and your family are prepared for severe weather. This includes developing a family communication plan, putting an emergency kit together, keeping important papers and valuables in a safe place.

BE AN EXAMPLE:  Share your severe weather plan and preparedness actions with your family and friends. Many people use social media in the event of a disaster to let relatives and friends know they are safe, why not use it to prepare?  People are most likely to take preparedness steps if they observe the preparations taken by others. Social media provides the perfect platform to model preparedness actions for others.

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