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West Daviess County Landfill

West Daviess County Landfill

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The Daviess County Landfill and Solid Waste office is located on 875+ acres of rolling hills, piney woods and clear lakes near West Louisville, Kentucky.  This site has accepted waste from Daviess County and a limited number of approved, surrounding communities since the 1970s.

The West Daviess County Contained Landfill is an environmentally safe synthetic-lined, contained landfill that meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements. At current usage rates, the permitted landfill footprint is anticipated to last until approximately 2040, with further unpermitted and undeveloped land reserved to allow additional capacity if necessary.

The landfill is a series of working areas called “cells”, into which waste is placed, compacted, and covered daily.  Vehicles bring the solid waste to these working areas and empty into these cells.  Then a combination of heavy equipment, such as a trash compactor and bulldozer, deposit and compact waste into place.  At the end of work each day, the working area is covered. This temporary cover is necessary to prevent the waste from being disturbed until work can be resumed.  Soil cover is used if the work area will not be revisited within the next working day.

Groundwater concerns are addressed by the installation of a high density poly ethylene liner, bentonite mats, compacted soil and leachate collection system located beneath each cell. In addition, landfill gas (LFG) is collected and burned off in accordance with Title V (Clean Air Act) requirements. The facility will install power generators or other LFG to energy solutions when output reaches the appropriate level.

Groundwater wells are installed throughout the property to monitor the quality of the subsurface water prior to and after passing beneath the facility to ensure integrity of the waste containment infrastructure. The monitoring wells are sampled frequently for many parameters and compared to historical quality reports to confirm structural continuity.

In addition to the contained landfill, a 20-acre Residual Landfill is also operated by Daviess County. This was developed to further conserve the airspace of the contained landfill by diverting the non-putrescible construction and demolition debris waste and other approved waste streams for final disposal.

The county, as part of its recycling/environmental initiatives, has an 8-acre composting facility which diverts local biosolids and yard waste from the landfill to create over 1,500 tons of marketable Class I compost each year. All the compost that we make is sampled and then sent to an independent lab to be tested to ensure quality and safety.

Daviess County solid waste operates a land farm facility consisting of seven subplots and over 120 acres, where local biosolids are applied to agricultural lands as fertilizer and soil amendment.  The biosolids are tested and approved prior to onsite storage for further pathogen reductions, then applied to the agricultural subplots, where later hay grasses are harvested for sale.

We take pride in being environmentally conscious while at the same time operating efficient affordable solid waste disposal activities and exploring technologies to further protect the environment and conserve our natural resources.

Much of the landfill property is undisturbed to create a habitat for native species of Kentucky wildlife. It’s common to find wild turkey, deer, geese, ducks, fox, beaver, along with numerous other forms of wildlife on our expansive property footprint. Our facility lakes and ponds abound with fish including bass, bluegill and catfish and many more native aquatic species.  Please note that no hunting, fishing, or scavenging is allowed on landfill property.

7772 KY 815
Owensboro KY 42301
Phone: 270-229-4484
Monday-Friday  7:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday  7:00am to Noon

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