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Prepare for extremely cold weather, slick travel conditions

Accumulating snowfall has ended across the region, but many roads remain snow covered.

“We didn’t get as much snow as they predicted,” said Major Barry Smith of the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office.  “However, all roads are either compacted with snow or have several inches of snow or ice.”

“The roads still aren’t in the shape we would like them to be,” added County Engineer Mark Brasher.  “As the temperature dropped last night, everything that started melting froze back over,” he added.  “So we’ve got a layer of ice under the snow we received last night.”

The sheriff’s office responded to accidents on the U.S. 60 Bypass, U.S. 231 and Redhill-Maxwell Road, the Audubon Parkway, and KY-603.

“Don’t get out if you don’t need to,” Smith said.  “The roads are slick and hazardous.  If you slide off and the car is inoperable, it’s going to get cold rather quickly.”

Tuesday’s high will be 16 degrees and the wind chill values will be even lower.

“The sun is out,” Brasher said.  “That’s the best thing we have going for us.  If we can push as much snow and material off the road as we can, hopefully we get a lot of this melted today.”

Brasher anticipates half of the crew will be doing cleanup on Wednesday, with the other half replenishing the salt storage.  More snowfall is anticipated on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

“My best advice…don’t get out unless you have to and be very careful,” Brasher said.  “The less traffic…the better our snow plows can get the job done.”

“People need to make sure, if they do travel, to keep a full tank of fuel in the car, blankets in the car, a charged up cell phone, and be sure to clear all the snow and ice off the vehicle,” Smith added.

Tuesday will be another White Flag night in Owensboro, which means an overnight warming center will be available.  More details can be found below.

White Flag Warming Center

According to National Weather Service (Paducah), White Flag criteria (15ºF or lower air temperature and/or wind chill) will likely be met tonight through Friday night (February 15-19, 2021).

The Daniel Pitino (501 Walnut St, Owensboro, KY) and St. Benedict’s (1001 W 7th St, Owensboro, KY) homeless shelters may not currently be at capacity. If capacity is exceeded during this impending cold weather event, Owensboro Christian Church (OCC) will be open as a warming center, offering bedding from 6:30 P.M. to 8:00 A.M.  The White Flag shelter entrance will be between OCC entrances “C” and “D” on the New Hartford Rd side.

If a warming center is required, the following transportation options are available:

  1. Provided from the Daniel Pitino Shelter to Owensboro Christian Church at 6:00 P.M. each White Flag night.
  2. Owensboro Transit System bus route: FREE for White Flag shelterees (two bus stops near Owensboro Christian Church)
  3. Self-transport to the warming shelter anytime 6:30 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. White Flag nights.

Families, women and/or children should contact the Daniel Pitino Shelter (270-688-9000) and men should contact St. Benedict’s (270 541-1003) to inquire if the warming center is in operation, or if there are available bed spaces within one of the existing shelters. Again, OCC will only be open if the homeless shelters are at full capacity. The Daniel Pitino Shelter will also be offering meals:

Breakfast: 7:00 A.M. (at Daniel Pitino Shelter)

Dinner: 5:30 P.M.  (at Daniel Pitino Shelter)

Due to COVID-19, all protective measures (social distancing, masks, handwashing, quarantine) will be strictly enforced. There is an area pre-designated for quarantine if required.

Please contact Daviess County EMA Director Andy Ball (270-685-8448) with further questions.


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