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Daviess County to Surpass 1,500 Fire Hydrants

This year, the total number of fire hydrants in the Daviess County response area will surpass 1,500 for the first time.

At least 15 hydrants have been added along Short Station Rd. and Jack Hinton Rd. with the installation of a new, six-inch water line.

Another 20-30 hydrants will be installed in various subdivisions, including The Preserve, Deer Valley, Park Haven and Saddle Pointe.

Hydrants play a critical role in firefighting by providing a steady and reliable water supply.

In 2020, all of the fire hydrants were re-painted for improved visibility and color-coded to indicate the flow in gallons per minute.  Additionally, the Fire Department recorded the GPS coordinates for each hydrant location.

Marking of Hydrants

  • Light Blue – 1500gpm or more
  • Med. Green – 1000 to 1499gpm
  • Orange – 500 to 999gpm
  • Safety Red – less than 500gpm

Daviess County fire hydrants are served by the Daviess County Water District, Whitesville Water, East Daviess County Water Association, Beech Grove Water, McLean County Water, Ohio County Water, and OMU.

Fire Department Water District OMU
Knottsville 76
Masonville 123 31
Mosleyville 46
St. Joe 78
Sorgho 229 13
Stanley 63
Thruston 501 81
Utica 45
Whitesville 103
Yelvington 86
Total Numbers 1350 125
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