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Daviess County Agricultural Hall of Fame

The Agricultural Visionaries Committee recognizes 15 inductees for the inaugural class of the Hall of Fame.

A reception was held Tuesday at the Owensboro Convention Center, prior to the start of the Ag Expo.  The Hall of Fame plaques will be displayed in the Owensboro Museum of Science and History, following a community-wide tour.

Special thanks to Clint Hardy, Extension Agent for Agriculture with the Daviess County Cooperative Extension Service.



Charles Field, founder of Field Packing Company, longtime purchaser and processor of locally produced cattle and hogs.

The Foors Family, founder of Velvet milk company, longtime purchaser and processor of locally produced milk.

The Miles Family, founder of Miles Farm Supply and Enterprises. Purveyors of crop production resources, services, and innovation.

The O’Bryan Family, founder of Owensboro Grain and longtime purchaser and processor of local soybeans.

William Rapier, established the Curdsville fair and livestock exhibition, later established Rapier Grain and Feed on the current site location of Owensboro Grain Company.


Frank Cox, the soil scientist who accomplished the soil type and classification survey of Daviess and Hancock County.

Tom Curtsinger, the cooperative extension agent responsible for initiating the Farm/City Breakfast and Ag Expo. He led countless leadership opportunities and provided resources that strengthened the Daviess County Farm Bureau and Lions Club.

Paul Irish, longtime adult vocational agriculture instructor who developed rules pertaining to the grain yield contests and began the Daviess County Grain Yield Variety Demonstration plots.

Charles Loyal, longtime Soil Conservation District leader who was instrumental in education pertaining to no-till adoption and soil erosion reduction practices.

Jack McClure, long-time Cooperative Extension Agent responsible for service related to rural electrification adoption by farms throughout the county. Responsible for leadership involved in organizing the Daviess County Farm Bureau and largely responsible for education and demonstration of the importance in improving soil fertility through lime addition.

Production Innovation

William Crabtree, tobacco grower and responsible for the tobacco warehouse and auction market development in Owensboro.

J.C. Ellis III, landowner responsible for providing rental land necessary to establish several farming families in Daviess County and early adopter and promoter of the commercial produce production opportunity in our area.

William Foster, beef cattle and tobacco farmer, provider of superior beef breeding stock throughout the Ohio Valley. Was one of three people who represented Kentucky in Washington D.C. in an effort to develop the tobacco quota program.

Murray Hagan, farmer and commercial seed producer. He was instrumental in the adoption and expansion of hybrid seed corn acres. One of the key authors for the KY Certified Seed laws.

Charles William Hayden, farmer and one of the first to transition from black forage soybeans to the modern yellow soybeans grown today. He increased yields by introducing improved varieties from Indiana and was one of the first to possess a self-propelled combine in Daviess County.

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