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Role of the County Coroner

It is the responsibility of the coroner to determine the cause and manner of death for individuals in Daviess County.

Kentucky law requires the coroner to investigate any death of a sudden, violent, or suspicious nature.  Any death that occurs outside of a hospital or hospice setting, or within 36 hours of admission to the hospital, requires notification of the coroner.

To help determine the cause and manner of death, a variety of investigative techniques may be utilized, including interviews and scene analysis.  The coroner and deputy coroners are certified by the Commonwealth of Kentucky to conduct postmortem examinations per KRS. 72.415.  Additionally, the coroner may work in conjunction with the State Medical Examiner’s Office to review autopsy or toxicology results.

The coroner and deputy coroners are mandated by law to have yearly training through the Criminal Justice Cabinet.

Three sections are under the coroner’s direction: Investigations, Autopsy Support and Administrative Support. These duties include field investigation of the scene and circumstances of death, notification of next-of-kin and control and disposition of personal property of the deceased.

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