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Grimes Avenue Transfer Station & Convenience Center Rates


Transfer Station Rates
Municipal Solid Waste $30.50 per ton
CD&D $30.50 per ton
Yard waste $27.50 per ton
Whole Limbs $23.50 per ton
Contaminated soil $20.50 per ton
Asbestos $25.50 per ton
Oil Filter $1.00 each
Freon $20.00 flat rate
Paint $2.00 a gallon
No Tarp Fine on Trucks $5.00
Passenger/Light Truck Tire $3.00 each
Diesel Tire $10.50 each
Tractor Tire $35.00 each
Passenger Tire – with rim $5.00 each
Light Truck Tire – with rim $6.00 each
Diesel Tire – with rim $21.00 each
Tractor Tire – with rim $70.00 each
Ballast $3.00 each
4″ Florescent Bulb $1.25 each
8″ Florescent Bulb $2.50 each
($6.00 min. charge)

(Note price quotes do not include the State mandated fee of $1.75 per ton which must be added to your final cost.  Some materials may require additional documentation and approval)

Free of Charge unless mixed with Trash
  • Oil
  • Used engines
  • Anti-freeze
  • metal of most types
  • Stoves
  • Washer/Dryers
  • Metal Beds
  • Swing Sets
  • BBQ Grills
  • Flat Metal
  • Pipe
  • Metal Roofing – no tar coated

Sanitation customers of the City of Owensboro may bring a copy of their most recent sanitation charge (on their OMU or water district bill) to dispose of bulky waste.


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