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Trash for Cash / Litter Laws

Giving green to keep Daviess County green!

Our Trash for Cash program begins November 1st. We donated $100 to each non-profit group for every mile of roadway they cleaned. Daviess County nonprofits picked up more than 500 miles of littered right–of–way and removed more than 22.5 tons of trash from our land–that’s more than 45,000 pounds of garbage! They worked hard to benefit their community and earned their donations! For those who hope to participate in Trash for Cash, call Daviess County Solid Waste at 270-229–4484 or email Mike Hamilton at for more information.

In order to participate in this program your group must be from Daviess County and a Federally Recognized Non-Profit Group.  Daviess County limits recipients to five per school or organization.

2023 Trash for Cash Application

Litter Laws

County Ordinance: Chapter 50
LITTERING: Placing, discarding, throwing, releasing, spilling, or depositing solid waste into the environment, on the land or ground, or in any lake, stream, ditch, river, pond, or other waterway.
OPEN DUMP: Any facility or site used for the disposal of solid waste which does not have a valid permit issued pursuant to this chapter or by the Cabinet or does not meet the environmental performance standards established under regulations promulgated by the Cabinet. All disposal facilities for clean waste, yard waste, or any other type of waste must be registered with the County Solid Waste Coordinator.

KRS 512.010: Definitions
KRS 512.070: Criminal Littering
KRS 433.753: Rewards for Information
KRS 433.757: Littering Public Waters

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