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Daviess County animal shelter

Fiscal Court to Advertise for County Veterinarian

The Daviess County Fiscal Court has agreed to advertise for a County Veterinarian in the Animal Control Department.

“It is unusual but not unprecedented to have a county vet,” said Judge-Executive Al Mattingly, noting similar positions in Hardin and Jefferson counties.  “But we’ve found ourselves in a hard place.”

“We had contracted with Dr. Marsch with East Side Animal Hospital to provide vet services for our animal shelter,” he added.  “Dr. Marsch passed away this year.”

Initially, the county opened a bid process, not wanting to compete against private enterprise.

“So we bid the services out and received absolutely no bids at all,” Mattingly said.

The Fiscal Court felt it was critical to continue providing spay/neuter services at the animal shelter.

“To be quite honest, if we don’t have the spay/neuter services, then we are unable to adopt out as many animals as we do,” Mattingly concluded.  “If we can’t adopt them out, with our limited capacity at the shelter, we would have to put those animals down.”

“Daviess County has always strived to be a no-kill shelter,” he added.  “We aren’t there yet.  Approximately 20 percent of our animals have to be put down every year.  Without timely and affordable vet services, we would find that number would triple.  That was not acceptable to me, the Commissioners and certainly not to the folks who work in the animal shelter.”

Mattingly believes there will be minimal cost in adding the position, as the vet service with the spay/neuter clinic will largely pay for itself.  Also, he says the timeliness of care for the animals will improve.

The position will be added to the budget for 2021-2022, with the goal of opening of the clinic around July 1.

Other News:

The Fiscal Court approved a contract with Patrick Environmental Services to prepare Air Quality Compliance Reporting for the West Daviess County Landfill.

Three resolutions were passed related to street lighting in the Deer Valley and Brookfield subdivisions.  In each case, the developer set up street lights and petitioned the Court to create a lighting district to allocate the cost.

The Fiscal Court agreed to support a resolution towards modernizing Kentucky transportation funding, as gas tax revenue has dropped considerably in recent years.

A change order was approved for the new P-25 digital radio system.  It covers necessary electrical work at the Courthouse to accommodate additional backup dispatch equipment.

Commissioners expressed their appreciation to John and Barbara Collignon for a $1 Deed of Easement.  A new tornado warning siren will be installed on Lonesome Pine Trail, improving coverage in the southwestern corner of Daviess County.

The Fiscal Court approved the following appointments:

  • Reappoint Jamie Bisel to the OASIS Board – Term: 12/1/2020 –12/1/2023
  • Reappoint Jan Goldman to the OASIS Board – Term: 12/1/2020 –12/1/2023
  • Reappoint Chris Pantle to the Daviess County Extension District Board – Term: 1/1/2021-12/31/2023
  • Appoint Susan Zoglmann to the Daviess County Extension District Board – Term: 1/1/2021 – 12/31/2023
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