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Janie Marksberry – East Commissioner

Janie Marksberry is the first woman ever elected to the office of County Commissioner in Daviess County. She is also the first Republican ever elected as commissioner from the eastern district.

Janie has been in the real estate field for over three decades.  First as a real estate sales agent in Lexington, Kentucky.  In 1994, she moved back to Owensboro to begin her appraisal career with her late father, William H (Bill) Marksberry, Marksberry Appraisal. She is now broker/owner of her own company, Marksberry Real Estate, LLC,.

She has fond memories of helping her father campaign when he ran for previous office, and her family has always been involved in local politics by supporting other cousins including the late Fred Marksberry, former East County commissioner.

Janie graduated from Daviess County High School, attended WKU and OCTC. Subsequent with her real estate career, she obtained hundreds of hours of additional training to pursue those goals.

She has also been the owner of Pleasant Valley Stables for over twenty years, and has offered many programs to youth in the area, including the Jabez Riding program for underprivileged children and Read for Steeds, a read to ride program for increased literacy achievement in our city school system.

Janie resides in Philpot with her husband, Carl Ringwall and many beloved pets.  They have three adult children.

Janie believes in transparency in our local government and will strive to be open and available for all citizens.

She also strongly believes in personal and private property rights, and looks forward to using her real estate knowledge to help support all businesses in Daviess County.



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