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Daviess County resurfacing nearly 28 miles of roads

Nearly 28 miles of county-maintained roads are scheduled to be resurfaced through the Spring of 2021.

Below is a list of completed and upcoming road repaving projects in Daviess County.

Road Begin Location End Location Length (Miles) Schedule
Knottsville – Mount Zion Road Wrights Landing Road Winkler – Mt. Zion Road 1.034 Complete
Jack Hinton Road KY 54 McPherson Road 2.010 Complete
Fields Road Thruston Dermont Road KY 142 2.076 Complete
Pleasant Grove Road KY 142 King Road 0.515 Complete
Oklahoma – Laffoon Road Boston – Laffoon Road Steven School Road 2.049 Spring 2021
Roby Road Monarch Road End of Maintenance 0.525 Complete
Calumet Trace City Line Pleasant Valley Road 0.954 Spring 2021
Crisp Road KY 54 Ward Road 0.044 Complete
Ward Road KY 54 (west end) KY 54 (east end) 0.585 Complete
Toler Bridge Road US 60 KY 662 1.432 Complete
Ditto Road KY 54 Old KY 54 0.110 Spring 2021
Peninsula Court KY 405 Dead End 0.265 Complete
Clubgrounds Drive Veach Road Cul-de-sac 0.041 Complete
Russell Road Red Hill – Maxwell Road County Line 2.770 Fall 2020
Fitts Road KY 554 West Marksberry Road 2.975 Spring 2021
Laketown Road Keene Road French Island Road 2.009 Fall 2020
Steamboat Keene Road Steamboat Road Keene Road 0.907 Fall 2020
Pond River Spur Curdsville – Delaware Road Pond River Road 0.430 Complete
Bittel Road Dead End City Limits 0.568 Fall 2020
Pond River Road Pond River Spur KY 500 0.401 Complete
Stephens Road Hayden Bridge Road KY 279 0.913 Spring 2021
Alvey Bridge Road Hayden Bridge Road KY 279 1.438 Spring 2021
Riney Road Berry Road KY 56 0.595 Spring 2021
French Island Road US 60 Laketown Road 0.390 Fall 2020
Wayne Bridge Road Terry Road Windy Hollow Road 2.746 Complete
Total = 27.782
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