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Our emergency services (fire, law enforcement, EMS, etc.) and emergency support agencies (public works, public health, etc.) know their specific jobs and do them well. On the surface, therefore, it may appear that the Emergency Management function is unnecessary. Many decades of experience with major emergencies and disasters have proven otherwise! Many recent disasters (Flood of '97, the January 3rd tornado of '2000, snow storms, etc.) have repeatedly shown that the biggest problems stem not from the inability of individual response agencies, but from a lack of overall coordination and an ongoing preparedness program. Emergency Management prepares for what we hope never happens and provides structure and coordination when it does.

The Daviess County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for the coordination of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts pertaining to major emergencies or disasters arising from natural or manmade causes. This is in accordance with State Statutes and Federal Laws. We provide a number of services important to community awareness and preparedness. Services include providing information to the public sector such as our citizens, businesses, industries, schools, hospitals, senior centers, and organizations to promote disaster planning. EMA works with all the private and public schools to aid their emergency planning and exercising programs.

EMA will assist local governments in the development of their plans, exercising and training programs. The agency maintains a Emergency Operations Center that serves Daviess County, Kentucky.

Mission Statement

The Daviess County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is a governmental entity that coordinates Emergency Management Services for Daviess County, Kentucky, by providing inspiration, leadership, planning, education, technical capabilities and resources to protect lives, property and the environment using an all-hazards approach through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. This is in accordance with State statutes and Federal laws that pertain to Emergency Management. Daviess County generates reimbursements annually from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Kentucky Division of Emergency Management to support personnel and administrative services.

The Emergency Management Agency promotes teamwork planning and coordination of disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery against natural or manmade incidents that threaten lives and properties before, during and after a major emergency or disaster. During a major emergency or disaster, EMA coordinates private and public sector resources to support disaster response and recovery from the County Emergency Operations Center. In the event that the incident exceeds local private or public resource capabilities, EMA will request specific resource assistance from the State or Federal Emergency Management Agency. After a major disaster, EMA will seek a state and federal disaster declaration to aid disaster victims and public sector response and recovery efforts.

Within Daviess County, major emergencies or disasters derived from natural causes include major snow or ice storms, floods, tornadoes and severe weather, as well as the serious threat of a major earthquake along the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Manmade causes (known as technological emergencies) include hazardous materials at fixed facilities or along transportation modes (highways, railroads, pipelines, rivers or airways), radiological hazards, terrorism or public utility disruptions (electric, telephone, natural gas, water and sewer).

Daviess County has already experienced major emergencies and disasters derived from natural causes (floods, tornadoes and severe thunderstorm straight-line wind damages) and manmade incidents. With previous emergency and disaster experiences, there is the need to be active in community awareness, education and training. While local governments, emergency agencies, critical facilities and disaster relief organizations plan, it is just as important that the community be aware of the risks. It is important that the community know what to do before, during and after a major emergency or disaster occurs. The local emergency management program is proactive and promotes teamwork participation by the entire community to save lives, reduce injuries, protect property and the environment. It is a matter of public safety! 


"To provide the highest level of preparedness within Daviess County, and its two cities that will mitigate the effects of major emergencies and disasters on life, property and the environment!" This includes planning, training and exercising with local governments, emergency agencies, volunteer organizations, critical facilities (schools, child care centers, senior citizen centers, hospitals, disability centers and utilities), businesses and industries. A vision that will stretch beyond jurisdictional territorial disputes or attitudes into a new era of coordinated planning, training and exercising. It is in the best interest of public safety and the quality of life for all citizens of Daviess County!


Daviess County Emergency Management provides many services for Daviess County, including the
cities of Owensboro and Whitesville:

  • Planning and execution of disaster and emergency mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.
  • Development and maintenance of the Daviess County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).
  • Planning and response coordination for any natural or man-made emergency or disaster.
  • Provide 24-hour response coverage for any significant emergency within the County and act on behalf of the County and/or City in coordinating multiple agencies and resources as necessary.
  • Maintain the Emergency Warning Systems (including the telephone emergency notification system and the Outdoor Warning Siren System).
  • Maintain the Daviess County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) facilities and equipment.
  • Provide information and assistance as necessary to the County Fiscal Court and City Commission regarding any significant emergency situation including any emergency declarations.
  • Hazardous material release reporting and response.
  • Develop and organize training exercises annually for public safety agencies to test response procedures within the County EOP.
  • Maintain our status as a “StormReady” community as designated by the National Weather Service.
  •  Maintain working condition and equipment inventory for the Mobile Command and Communications Unit.
  • Represent Daviess County on the following committees and organizations: Daviess County Emergency Planning Committee; Ohio River Port Security Committee; Daviess County Emergency Management Council, Kentucky Emergency Management Association, International Association of Emergency Managers; State Emergency Response Commission; Daviess County 911 Advisory Board; Citizen's Corps; Daviess County Emergency Services Association.
  • Provide emergency preparedness information to the public including presentations to organized groups.
  • Develop and maintain the Daviess County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program.
  • Tornado shelter surveys for schools and businesses.
  • Oversight for Daviess County Dive Rescue.

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