Sex Offenders Registry

Kentucky State law 17.495
Registrants prohibited from residing near school or day care facility

No registrant, as defined by KRS 17.5000, who is placed on probation, parole, or any form of supervised release, shall reside within one thousand (1,000) feet of a high school, middle school. elementary school, preschool, or licensed day care facility.  The measurement shall be taken in a straight line from the nearest property boundary of the school to the nearest property boundary of the registrant's place of residence.

School and day care facilities areas where sex offenders are prohibited from residing near

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Legend for the Maps School and Day Care ID Numbers


The information posted herein is based on KRS. Chapter 17 as reviewed by the Daviess County Attorney's office. Any inquires or concerns should be directed to the Daviess County Sheriff's Department 270 685-8444. This information is only to be used as a tool and may not have the latest facilities listed on the web page maps.


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