Daviess County Sheriff's Narcotics Unit

Sheriff's Department at a Meth Lab Bust 

The Daviess County Sheriffs Office Criminal Investigations Division includes 1 Narcotics Unit Officer, Detective Ingram. However, when necessary, all detectives have been cross trained to investigate and prosecute narcotics violations. The Narcotics Unit is responsible for investigating all controlled substance violations and illegal tobacco and alcohol sales.

As a result to the recent methamphetamine epidemic in Western Kentucky, the Narcotics Unit has been primarily involved in the investigation of clandestine methamphetamine laboratories. Criminal Investigations Division personnel have undertaken clandestine laboratory training conducted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Quantico, VA.

Narcotics violations, in general and methamphetamine in particular, continue to present a challenge on the federal, state, and local levels. We have seen a decrease in the active meth labs that are founding Daviess County with the passing of new and very stringent Pseudo Ephedrine laws. That has, however, introduced our local residents with a newer and more potent form of methamphetamine, Crystal Meth. This is now being imported into our community and presents a new challenge Law Enforcement.

The new Pseudo Ephedrine Law has also created a much greater work load for our investigators and clerical help. We have "downloaded" into our computer database over 35,000 entries of individuals purchasing Pseudo Ephedrine in our county. This data entry keeps one person busy three days a week. Because of these entries, dozens of people have been arrested to date for various narcotic and manufacturing violations.

Since July 1998, over 600 methamphetamine labs have been investigated by the Narcotics Unit, and approximately 200 individuals have been arrested in connection with these labs. The Nacotics Unit works very closely with DEA and the US Attorney's Offce in the investiation and prosecution of these labs.

Additionally, the Daviess County Sheriff's Office conducts methamphetamine lab training for law enforcement, first responders, and other personnel.

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