Daviess County Sheriff's K-9 Unit

Deputy Russ Day and Abby

Narcotics Detection
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Deputy Chris Walter and Aysha

Explosive Detection
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On March 1, 2008, Deputy Russ Day and his partner Abby competed in the American Police Canine Associations "Winter Sniff-Off" competition. Dep. Day and Abby competed against approx, 26 other K9 Teams from IN, IL, OH AND KY. The K9's had to locate a total of 15 narcotic hides, 5 being on vehicles, 5 being in a residence setting, and 5 concealed in various containers. Winning was based on the time it took each K9 to alert on the hide.  Alerts had to be given within 18 inches of the actual narcotic hidden. Deputy Day and Abby were named the Champion Team in the competition with a total time of under 4 minutes Russ Day was named Kentucky School Resource Officer of the Year for 2007 by the Ky Association of School Resource Officers.

Aysha Abby

The Daviess County Sheriffs Department K-9 unit was instituted in 1983. The K-9 unit's primary function is to act as support to the Patrol and Criminal Investigation divisions within the Sheriffs Department. The canine that is utilized is  patrol/narcotics canine. He is trained in obedience, both on and off leash, building search, tracking, handler protection, and the detection of narcotics. Since its inception, the K-9 unit has proven not only to be an asset to the Sheriffs Department, but beneficial to all the citizens of Daviess County.

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