Daviess County Sheriff's Ciminal Investigations Division

Det. Jerry Spurrier

Detective Cpl. Palmiter

Shannon Grayson, CID Secretary

Criminal Investigation Division

The General Investigation Division is responsible for the investigation of any felony committed in our community. This includes, but is not limited to, rapes, robberies, major assaults, murders, and burglaries. They also investigate, or assist, deputies on other major theft and fraud cases.

This division has expanded dramatically under the leadership of Sheriff Keith Cain. When Sheriff Cain was in Investigations, he was basically the only investigator at the Sheriff's Office. Under his leadership, it has now grown into 6 full-time investigators, with one of those investigators assigned exlusively to narcotics enforcement and narcotics related cases.

The Criminal Investigation Division is headed by Captain Bill Thompson. Captain Thompson has over 30 years of Law Enforcement experience, with many of those primarily in general investigations and narcotics.

Detective Corporal Palmiter, Detective Corporal Pearre, Detective Corporal Wilbanks, Detective Spurrier have many years of combined investigative experience that is a great benefit to this department and to this community.

Since illegal traffickers of controlled substances have no boundaries, we have joined forces with the Kentucky State Police Drug Enforcement/Special Investigations unit to further enhance our capabilities and our jurisdictional boundaries in trafficking and other nacrotics related cases.

On several occasions, the partnership with Federal, State, and other Local Law Enforcement Authorities have led to major arrests, seizures, and assets that would have been improbable without the cooperation of law enforcement tools that are available from these agencies. This DCSO continues to aggressively pursue federal grants and funding to purchase equipment and pay for overtime hours that have saved taxpayers of Daviess County several thousand dollars.


Detective Bureau


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