Daviess County Sheriff's Chaplain's Program


Sheriff Cain implemented the current Chaplain's program in September of 1999. We did so after much prayer and discussion with the men and women of our department. We wanted someone that would give our employees an ear to listen to without fear of reprisal. We also desired to afford them access to someone who know what they go through on the job on a daily basis. Therefore, our chaplains are encouraged to "ride-a-long" with our officers and see firsthand what they deal with on the streets.

Response to officers in crisis is the calling of our chaplains. It is difficult to stay up mentally and emotionally in the law enforcement profession when so much of what we do revolves around things that are tragic. We not only, often times, deal with the worst of society, but when the worst are at their worst. Our chaplains assist our officers with stress intervention and management programs. Of course they are there, too, when our officers need someone outside the realm of their peers, with whom to confide in. By participating in our program these pastors are able to serve our department, as well as the community at large. We value their empathy for us and their commitment in assisting us in making a positive difference in Daviess County.


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